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Hello Cornwall 🥲.


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A different type of blog post to normal, a more personal one 💌 Why Pixelhop HQ is now in Cornwall 🥲

Big news at Pixelhop HQ...

Well, this is a well overdue message to say farewell to Brighton. I can still hardly believe that this has happened and that I’m actually writing this!!

Rewinding to last summer, whilst we were away in our camper Zef and I fell in love with Cornwall. The slower pace of life, the incredible beaches, the coastal paths, the people, the hustle and bustle of the seaside towns, the fishing villages, oh and of course the pasties, I could go on and on!

We said that we might move there one day.....

On our way back to Brighton (about 2/3 hours into the journey) we found a house on Rightmove that looked perfect for us, we headed back to Cornwall and viewed it.. We loved it, it was perfect for us, so we went for it! We didn’t know if anything would come of it and to be completely honest we didn’t think it would work out. We didn't even tell many people for ages because we weren't 100% sure it would all work out.

A long story short, towards the end of last year we were almost sure it wasn’t going to happen, we even called the estate agents to let them know our situation . Out of nowhere and with only a moments notice, we were told all systems go go go! The house was ready for us to move into!

It was almost Christmas, as everyone knows a pretty manic time of year - with work and personal life. With a big move in the mix, whilst also getting our flat ready to AirBnB, a 1 year old and a doggy it was pretty mad. A beautifully chaotic time haha!

We have had a long term plan and dream from before we moved in to the flat that we would hopefully one day keep it as a base back to beautiful Brighton, but we always knew that we were destined to live else where. We flip flopped from moving to New Zealand, Italy, to the English East Coast, Wales and then a few other places here and there. Now we’ve settled on Cornwall (for the time being at least hehe).

We’re going to miss everyone in Brighton, and unfortunately didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone due to it all being last minute. But we will be back and everyone is welcome to come and stay with us, or pop in for a cuppa if you fancy a trip to Cornwall.

So it’s not goodbye Brighton, it’s just farewell for now. We have our base to come back to when we have work commitments or meetings that can’t be done over the internet. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was both our homes for many years, it was where we met, where Pixelhop was born and then where Auraelia was born.

But now is time to make new memories, build a new life in Cornwall, integrate ourselves into society and the tech world down here.

If anyone has any nuggets of advice for relocating, any little Cornwall recommendations, or can let us know of any people / companies smashing it in the tech industry then we would love it if you could point us in their direction!

Keep in touch peeps and if you know anyone in need of a website or an app then we would be keen for a chat, whether you’re in Cornwall, Brighton or even Outer Mongolia.

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