Pixelhop Web Development

Pixelhop Web Development

We make computers dance

Pixelhop is a digital studio helping businesses bring their digital products to life with the latest innovative technologies.

What do we do?


What we do, and how can we help?

Pixelhop Web Development

API Development

We can build the APIs to power your next big idea. We have experience building easy to use and reliable APIs for any kind of app.

Pixelhop Web Development

JAMStack Sites

Outperform your customers with a rapid, secure, scalable and budget-friendly site built with the JAMStack.

Pixelhop Web Development

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications or PWAs give you a native-like app experience, with all the benefits of a web app.

Pixelhop Web Development

Prototypes & MVPs

Need an idea tested out quickly? We can prototype your idea, or build the minimum viable product so you can validate it effectively.

Pixelhop Web Development


Got a sweet design you need coding? We can produce it quickly and accurately with semantic, valid and accessible code.

Pixelhop Web Development

And much more

There's not enough time in the day, or space on this page to list everything we do, so please ask if you have something in mind.

Our Work

What have we built?

From brochureware sites to e-commerce, to WebAR and IOT, there are not many areas we haven’t ventured into. The work on display here is just a small subset of our portfolio, and we have years of previous work that can be found on our individual sites: gemma.dev & jozefm.dev


Our Writing.

We love writing on all sorts of topics, ranging from web development to the environment and anything else we feel passionate about. If you like what you are reading, why not Chat on Twitter or Give us an email.

12 March 2021

Pixelhop update 🐰

Well it's been quite some time, months have passed since our last blog post. A hell of a lot has happened in the world over the past year we thought we should give an update on some changes we've had at Pixelhop. I suppose I should start where we left off and update on our side project- Be the Forest.

17 May 2020

Be the Forest: Week 1

Here is our week one summary for the project Be the Forest: The API that plants trees.

Tools We Use

The best tools in the trade