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Navigating the year: Setting and achieving SMART Goals in a small company

In this blog post, we explore our annual goal-setting process, drawing inspiration from Gino Wickman's book "Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business." We'll explain how we transform our vision into SMART goals, break them down into quarterly objectives, and ensure team accountability through regular check-ins. This approach can greatly benefit small agencies and business owners seeking a successful year ahead.

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The story of Chat Thing - Bootstrapping our first side project to £5000 MRR in under 3 months

Pixelhop's Chat Thing is an AI bot platform that allows users to create bots without coding knowledge. The platform was created in under a week, launched in under a month, and reached 5,500+ users with £5,000 MRR in under 3 months. The team built a waitlist, invited users in small batches, and received support from Seth Godin and Dave Winer. Despite facing competition, the team plans to continue adding features and improving the product.

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