F1 Arcade

Pixelhop collaborated with F1 Arcade to create an exciting new racing experience in central London.

What did we do?

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Helping deliver a world first F1 Arcade Experience in London

Pixelhop collaborated with F1 Arcade to create an exciting new racing experience in central London, combining cutting-edge racing simulation with delicious food and cocktails. Pixelhop provided a range of digital projects for F1 Arcade, forming a major part of the customer-facing experience.

Creating the sim user interface

At the core of F1 Arcade are the simulators! These are the state-of-the-art racing simulators in which you and your friends will be experiencing sweat-inducing F1 races. Pixelhop built a custom interface displayed on both simulator screens before and after the race that onboards users to the F1 Arcade experiences, allowing them to make selections using the steering wheel, such as their team and difficulty, and displays the race results after the race.

In addition, Pixelhop also built the in-game heads-up display, including your car's speedometer, the leaderboard and in-race notifications.

Below is a short vid of the F1 legends David Coulthard and Mika Häkkinen experiencing our work and battling it out together.

And here's a little taster of some of our work on the team leaderboards close up during development.

Boosting guest interactions with the Driver Hub

The fun doesn't stop once your race has finished. Racing at F1 Arcade earns you Arcadians which can be spent in the F1 Arcade Driver Hub on exclusive rewards such as winners' cocktails, prize draws and mini-games. We built the Driver Hub to help extend guests racing experiences, make them more memorable and keep them coming back for more.

Who can top the leaderboard?

Got some spare time between races? Why not try one of the two in-venue mini-games Pixelhop built to pass the time?

React is a reaction game where players have to physically turn off lights as they light up around a track when they light up. You have 60 seconds to turn off as many as you can. You might reach the top of the leaderboard if you are good enough. Pixelhop built the game on top of the provided hardware, allowing users to join the game by scanning their ticket, the main game interface and the public leaderboards.

Lights out is a pure test of reaction speed. Guests can see how quickly they would be off the start line by reacting to the F1 grid starting lights. Pixelhop built the entire game interface and leaderboards.

Learn about F1 Arcade

A new concept like F1 Arcade needs a marketing site that explains the concept, conveys the vibe and encourages bookings. So Pixelhop built F1 Arcade, a marketing site where users can learn everything they need about the experience.

Booking Journey & Booking companion

Booking your F1 Arcade experience must be as fast and straightforward as possible. So Pixelhop built a custom booking journey that guides users through choosing their race mode, adding guests, and selecting a date and time.

Once they have a booking, Pixelhop also built a booking companion that allows guests to check in on race day and add drivers to their race.

A shared foundation - Front-end component library

In addition to the above projects, Pixelhop built a bespoke component library shared across all the F1 Arcade front-end projects. This keeps all projects consistent with the F1 Arcade brand and provides an excellent base for starting new projects. Although there were unique challenges in creating the component library, it needed to work across a vast range of resolutions, up to gigantic sim screens down to mobile.

Wrapping up an extremely exciting multi-faceted digital project

The above is a concise summary of how Pixelhop helped F1 Arcade deliver a world-first experience. Each project could do with a case study of its own, but hopefully, this gives you a flavour of the kind of multi-platform innovative work we can achieve.